Your home powered with Renewable Energy

Residential Tariff

New Power Connections

If you are applying for a new connection for the first time, whether for a new premises or an old one, then you need to come to the TEC Office to fill your form. You then take the form to TEC registered Electrician.

TEC Registered Electricians

  1. Mr Paka Tofiga
  2. Mr Tomasi Kaitu
  3. Mr Teitala Ailesi

Save on Your Power Bill

Using less means paying less. Use more energy efficient appliances that have STARS label on it. The more STARS of the equipment the less consumption of the equipment.

Switch off lights, fans when not used.

“When the Sun goes down, TEC comes to Light.”

– Tuvalu Electricity Corporation

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9am – 3pm
+(688) 20 357 / 20 358
After Hours:
+(688) 20 350
General Manager |
+(688) 20 531